TRYFUN | SOUL Series BLACK HOLE Male Masturbation Cup

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TRYFUN SOUL Series BLACK HOLE Male Masturbation Cup
Automatic retractable Male Masturbator Cup the mainstream in the electic stroker market.What are the most important elements in good au-tomatic masturbator?
This Male Masturbator Cup was developed after our in-depth market and product research.This product is free of the technical problems mentioned above and equipped with the innovative seamless shift function.We name it "BLACK HOLE".

The body design has combined a matte texture and black and white minimalism,giving an elegant touch to the cup With a white matte body and a black touch screen, BLACK HOLE looks more like an artwork other than a maturbator.Whether you put it on the table or bed, it blends well with the surroundings without the need to worry about hiding it on purpose.

The interior tunnel is equipped with a well-rounded heating system,making your pleasure impressively authentic.We developed a unique heating structure, with the heating device installed in the interlayer of the tunnel,Mimicking the real human warmth which comes from the inside to the outside Making you feel being engulfed by a real girl.

There are mainly two types of masturbation cups on the market:
One is the outer extension type, of which the tunnel extends to the outside of the cup when working.The other is the inner pump type, of which the tunnel works inside the cup.Yet both types have their own weaknesses.

Just like touching delicate gauze,The body was made from a special material and finely polished,reproducing the details and touch of light gauze.The translucent cover shines with mysterious appeal. Air flow rises and falls like tides, providing real pleasure under your control.By pressing or releasing the air hole at the top to control air inflows and outflows.


Four modes of rhythm
- more arousing and satisfying than conventional pattern of nine gentle rubs and one powerful strike.In terms of love making, men is never satisfied with dull rhythms and positions.We have developed four different modes to unlock new experi-ences for you.

Food-grade material and technologies for reassuring enjoyment
- TRYFUN always holds a high standard on the selection of interior materials for masturbation cups.We used the food-grade soft TPE material, which is higher than the average market standard to simulate the softest parts of human bodies.We have tried our best to recreate the soft, smooth and elastic touch of real human skins.

3 types of textured tunnel
- To satisfy various sizes and preferences BLACK HOLE Male Masturbator Cup comes with the basic type tunnel by default.However, we have two other options namely tight type and comfortable type available for separate purchase.These three tunnels provide different stimulations and suit dif- ferent sizes.

Magnet+Rotary Switch
- The product can be assembled or disassembled by 3 steps within 10 seconds.There is a magnet on the interior bottom, slots at the cup rim for positioning, and an pull rod for disassembly support.

The design of sealed leak-proof structure
- Avoids any liquid leaking into the inside of the product.It allows you to squander lubricants and have a care-free ejeculation without any damage to electric and structural parts.


Product Name: TRYFUN SOUL Series BLACK HOLE Male Masturbator Cup
Dimensions: 250*78*88
Battery: Lithium battery 2000 mAh 7.4V
Product Materials: ABS/TPE
Charging voltage: DC 5.0V
Power: Rated 12W