LIBO Cute Antler Massage


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LIBO Cute Antler Massage


  • 8 Vibration Modes: Easily adjustable for a variety of sensations.
  • Love Edition: A soft structure that provides multifaceted vibrations.

Product Description:
Made from high-quality silicone, the LIBO Cute Antler Vibrator boasts an innovative design inspired by deer antlers. With 8 distinct vibration settings, this device is tailored for ultimate pleasure. The soft, flexible body ensures a comfortable fit, while the strategically placed ridges stimulate key areas for an intensified experience.


  • Material: Silicone and ABS
  • Size: 225 X 34mm
  • Power Supply: USB Charging

Usage Precautions:

  • Designed for couple use; ensure it's clean before and after use.
  • Always prioritize safety, consent, and comfort when using.

Cleaning Guidelines:

  • Clean with a neutral detergent before use. Avoid using volatile cleansers.
  • Be cautious not to expose the switch or charging ports to water.