TRYFUN | Black Hole Stroke Cup

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The Tryfun Black Hole Stroke Cup features a heating mode and four stroke patterns, including a setting that reaches around 180 strokes per minute. All of this combines to take you to a whole new dimension of sexual pleasure. What's more, the tightly ridged inner pleasure tube can be easily removed for cleaning, making this powered masturbator simultaneously practical and high-tech.

The Tryfun Black Hole Stroke Cup features:
- Electric/powered masturbator with automated piston stroke
- Dimensions: 250 x 88 mm
- Inner tunnel length: 78 mm
- Power: USB-C
- Battery: built-in 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery
- Removable tunnel/sleeve
- Includes: masturbator, cleaning sponge, USB Type-C cable, instruction manual , lube sachets x 2

【The core function of the product is the automatic telescopic】

TRYFUN has a variety of masturbation cups with different experiences, you can choose the style you like according to your needs.

Black Hole Telescopic Electric Masturbation Cup Challenge 300 times per minute
【Stepless control】Fast and slow one-finger control
【Heating】Built-in heating and realistic temperature sensation
Speed】300 times per minute, extremely fast and fresh experience
AutomaticTelescopic】Cater to action
Fleshy soft glue】Realistic experience
Continuously variable speed technology, fast and slow sliding, one-finger control
Infinitely variable speed and start-pause functions are integrated in the panel. You can touch sensitive nerves and release the rhythm by turning the button slightly.
Initial speed 180 times per minute, maximum speed 300 times per minute
Can be infinitely close to real people, can surpass real people and Challenging rapid expansion.
Realistic temperature
Built-in heating device to simulate the body temperature of the human body during orgasm, and the heat preservation time is longer.
Fleshy soft silicone
The advanced TPE soft rubber material on the market is selected to simulate the soft touch of the skin, and strive to restore the soft, waxy, elastic, and slippery like real human skin.
4 telescopic modes to unlock different pleasures
Uniformly slow expansion and contraction: start the warm-up journey.
High and low speed alternate expansion and contraction: getting better.
Waveform expansion and contraction: like an abyss of thousands of times.
Pulse stretching:addiction and pleasure.
3 types of inner tanks to match different sizes and preferences

The masturbation cup has a built-in basic liner. In addition, there are compact and comfortable soft gels that can be purchased according to your own preferences; different liners have different levels of stimulation and size.


Operating noise 65 decibels, please use in a private environment.

Function display

Heating button
After the power is tumed on, click to start heating.
Heat for 8 minutes, keep wam for 20 minutes
The indicator light flashes during the heating process, and the indicator light is always on during the heat preservation process.

Mode button
Short press the four modes to switch, when the undulating stepless variable speed button, it will switch to the most uniform low speed pumping.
Click the stepless variable speed button to pause the current drawing mode.

Infinitely variable speed button
Long press for 1.5 seconds to tum on/off the power.
The power indicator flashes twice when starting up and enters the standby state.
Short press to tum on/pause the drawing function, after each pause, tum it on again for slow drawing.
Turn the button clockwise to accelerate, tum counterclockwise to decelerate.

How to use:As shown above

Step 1: Press the hook to the original position of the body

Step 2: Align the colloid with the cup body and place it in the cup

Step 3:Rotate the soft rubber to the left to securely buckle

How to clean: As shown above

Step 1: Rotate the soft glue to the left from fixed to loose

Step 2: Pull out the hook to the extreme position

Step 3:Take out the soft gel for cleaning

Safe material, comfortable to use

The test results of CNAS certified laboratory, RoHS and other indicators are all below the detection limit.

Physical display