Tips for self-pickup

  1. You can choose self-pickup when placing orders on the official website
  2. Contact customer service to schedule a pick-up time after placing the order successfully

Shipping Tips

  1. All orders are in private packaging
  2. Orders placed before 4PM in GTA areas will be delivered that night
  3. Orders placed before 4PM in other areas will be fulfilled & shipped on the same day
  4. If you need Fast delivery, please contact customer service


有两个或三个收紧点的章鱼锅,俗称 "包子收紧",与抽绳的结合是一个极好的装置。

乳液的粘稠度应该是光滑的,以略微稀释的正常状态为宜! 捆绑的精髓,从两边收紧,刮开滑腻的表面! 全身收紧! 大幅射入狭窄而紧实的最里面的部分