UPKO Cat Player - S.M. Kit

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"Tas who pretend to be indifferent, greet with a dawdling, curled up and lie down to act like a baby, are all TAs. Turning their gorgeous eyes, their attachment to you is written in their eyes, in fact TA is not cold, and even sometimes disobedience is to attract Your attention. Wearing cat ears, with fish bones on your chest, walking towards you on the soft and waxy cat cushion, clear love, no need to guess. You, don’t be indifferent. UPKO play cat gift box, borrow cat romance, Lovers and cats are fascinating."

Wear cat ears on your head and pretend you are a lover's kitten. A well-behaved cat, on all fours, puckered up his buttocks slightly, Huanhuan crawled to him, licked his lover’s body, or meowed, or shook his buttocks, played coquettishly at his ankle, and he couldn’t help but act on you. The comfort of love. The naughty cat came out of the bathroom and plunged straight into TA’s arms. Surrounded by the surprise expression and exclamation of the lover, TA gave you a small punishment for love.

The set contains:

Cat ear headband*1

Fish bone milk clip*2

Feather rod*1

Exquisite card*1

Gift Package