Tao Tao Dolphin Vibrating Egg Masturbator Sex Orgasm Vibrator


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Once I use ta, my eyes are full of love
Tao Tao Dolphin subverts the shape design of traditional sex toys
The peach-pink peach heart shape can be understood as a love, and it can also be understood
For two dolphins jumping for sex, a female peach just ripened
The curves of the plump medical department...
Jump out of the stereotyped thinking, give toys more room for imagination, only
I wish I could get closer to you—
- some, pass the care to you, hope
You can more easily realize pleasing yourself

Open the heart-shaped exquisite heart-shaped gift box packaging, you can see the exquisite
The cute, unembarrassing peach dolphin lies in the center. divide it
To your best friend, your partner, pass on love, send her happiness and joy.

Main material: silicone/ABS
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Noise standard: <50dB
Charging time: ≤80Min
Use time: ≥60Min (specifically see the gear)
Waterproof grade: life waterproof
Product size: 123.5*56-57m
Product color: warm peach powder