Tips for self-pickup

  1. You can choose self-pickup when placing orders on the official website
  2. Contact customer service to schedule a pick-up time after placing the order successfully

Shipping Tips

  1. All orders are in private packaging
  2. Orders placed before 4PM in GTA areas will be delivered that night
  3. Orders placed before 4PM in other areas will be fulfilled & shipped on the same day
  4. If you need Fast delivery, please contact customer service

前半部分:在插入的瞬间吸吮缠绕的妓女洞] [中间部分:挤压阴道内的复杂内部结构,加上上下起伏的背部肌肉和肉棒 前半部分:在插入的瞬间,妓女的洞口吸吮和缠绕