Leten | Silicone Prostate Massager Anal Plug ( with cock ring)


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LETEN silicone prostate massager and anal plug. This product is made in two types, there is one with a cock ring with a hook connecting it to the major part, and there is another without the cock ring. These are anal stimulation devices that have powerful motors built inside them. The anus has several nerve endings and can be a point of high stimulation to trigger mind-blowing pleasure and orgasm. The prostate massager with the cock ring stimulates both the penis and the prostate at the same time. The prostate massager without the cock ring can serve as an anal plug that can be worn for a long period of time, it uses the same powerful motor as the prostate massager with cock ring.

The LETEN silicone prostate massager and anal plug have the following features:
These devices are made with medical grade and body safe silicon material that is gentle on the skin and quite soft to the touch too.
The motor has 7 vibration frequencies and three different speed modes programmed on it.
Product A is a prostate massager that can also be used as an anal plug, the product B has a cock ring that sends the vibration from the prostate massager to the base of the penis, thereby stimulating the two organs.
The interface of the devices has easy-to-use buttons. The power button is used to switch the devices on, the other buttons to switches from one frequency to the next one.
The devices use AAA battery. (It does not come with the product package)
The silicon part of these devices are waterproof and can be washed, although care must be taken so that water does not touch the circuit part to prevent electrical damage.


    Brand Name: Leten
    Material: Medical health soft silicone
    Item: Prostate massage anal vibrator stimulator butt plug
    Size A:145*74.5*41mm Size B:130*54*145mm
    Modes: 3-speed 7-frequency
    Function: 7 frequency vibrations, mute and waterproof
    Power supply: 1 AAA Battery (Not included)
    Function and Use: anal stimulator, prostate massage, anal vibrator