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隆重推出 Boundless™ 双面 Squishy 球抚触器,这是一款优质抚触器,旨在提供无与伦比的乐趣和可定制的感觉。 这款多功能敲击器配有尖端痒痒器,并配有方便的存储盒,可实现谨慎且卫生的存储。

凭借其柔软、紧密且有弹性的设计,抚摸器提供逼真且令人满意的体验。 可拆卸的柔软球让您可以根据自己的喜好个性化松紧度和刺激程度,从而提供真正量身定制的乐趣。 冲程器还可双面使用,提供 2 种独特的纹理可供探索。

它具有罗纹纹理,可增强每次划动,带来终极满足感和增强的感觉。 封闭式设计确保卓越的吸力,增强愉悦感并最大化您的享受。

使用 Boundless™ 可逆 Squishy 球行程器,维护变得轻而易举。 它卫生状况良好且免维护。 只需用温水和温和的肥皂清洗即可轻松方便地清洁。

释放您的欲望并体验 Boundless™ 双面 Squishy 球抚触器。 无论您是沉迷于单人游戏还是邀请伴侣一起享受乐趣,这款优质抚触器都能确保您获得难忘的个性化乐趣,让您想要更多

Introducing the Boundless™ Reversible Squishy Ball Stroker, a premium stroker designed to provide unmatched pleasure and customizable sensations. This versatile stroker features a tip tickler and comes with a convenient storage case for discreet and hygienic storage.

With its soft, tight, and stretchy design, the stroker offers a life-like and satisfying experience. The removable squishy ball allows you to personalize the level of tightness and stimulation to suit your preferences, providing truly tailored pleasure. The stroker is also reversible, offering 2 unique textures to explore.

Featuring a ribbed texture, it enhances every stroke, delivering ultimate satisfaction and heightened sensations. The closed-ended design ensures superior suction, intensifying the pleasure and maximizing your enjoyment.

Maintenance is a breeze with the Boundless™ Reversible Squishy Ball Stroker. It is hygienically superior and maintenance free. Simply wash it with warm water and mild soap for easy and convenient cleaning.

Unleash your desires and experience the Boundless™ Reversible Squishy Ball Stroker. Whether you're indulging in solo play or inviting a partner to join in the fun, this premium stroker ensures unforgettable and personalized pleasure that will leave you wanting more