UPKO Lovers don’t be too obedient - S.M. Kit

In "Paradise Lost", Ms. Rinko is described, "The appearance is as dignified and beautiful as a regular script, and even as awe-inspiring as her name, and the bed is rich and colorful, and she has become the lover of many men's dreams."
In the face of parents, lovers, and different working conditions, who is not "two-faced", who is not yet "contrasting cute" and "contrasting show". The gentleness of the bowed head is the most, just like a lotus flower that is too shy. It was also the cunning that bowed his head, just like a little wolf dog that made people happy.
One of UPKO's best-selling gift boxes, lovers, don't be behaved. It brings TA the contrast between day and night.
Tie you, tie you, cover your sight, flirt with the subtle stimulation of the whip, discover the charm of pain and discover another kind of wild fun. You know, smart lovers know how to play bad at the right time to bring contrast and excitement.
Goggles, static restraint tape, and white scatter whip, express the dark desires in another way.
The package contains:
UPKO White Tassel Whip*1
UPKO Silk Eye Mask*1
UPKO electrostatic tape*1
Satin storage bag*1
Exquisite card*1
Gift Package