Leten | Blowjob III Deep Thorat Oral Masturbator


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This product is a masturbation sleeve designed for the utmost pleasure of anyone with a penis. It has some technology that is built into it to give the best sensation of an actual blowjob. With the automatic telescopic tech, you get a full experience of a deep throat and even the sensation of fucking a vagina.

This device has the following features:

  • This masturbation sleeve is made with high grade material, thermoplastic rubber. A material that is quite safe for use on the skin, it is soft and can expand to take penises of different sizes comfortably.
  • This device makes use of suction technology to create a sucking effect of a deep throating action on the penis.
  • The process of movement is automated with the Piston inside the toy, the piston moves fast to create orgasmic pleasure. The telescopic tech makes a piston of 300 times per minute.
  • There is an interactive audio programmed into this toy, the voice of the AV queen, You Hatano. The voice is intended to follow on the trip to orgasm by whispering sweet and arousal sentences into your ears.
  • The entrance into the masturbation sleeve is shaped like red lips.
  • The sleeve uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged to full capacity.
  • The interface of this product is placed in a strategic spot that makes it easier to control the functions of the sleeve.
  • This device is water-resistant, it can be used in the bath and shower. This feature also makes it easy to clean the toy after use.
  • The shape of this sleeve is aesthetically pleasing, and sleek as well. The outer design is very attractive, and the inside is designed to fit comfortably.
  • There is a heating mechanism built inside the LETEN blowjob III, this heating mechanism helps create a cozy feeling inside the sleeve during use, the temperature will rise to the same as the human mouth. This further enhances arousal and stimulation.
Yo Hatano is a sex goddess, and this toy is designed and made as a replica of her, with this LETEN blowjob III, you are bound to experience orgasms over and over again.

Brand: Leten
Material: ABS+TPE
Size: 265*85*108mm, Insertable length 140mm
Product Volume: <65db
Product Frequency: Stepless speed regulation+ 5 kinds of changes
Weight: 710g