19/20 NEW COLLECTION—《Isabella》 英国高端内衣品牌Lier Adore 加拿大独家授权销售!

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“She's hella Bella” Isabela is a sexy and hot girl with a charming personality. When you're having a bad day, she will always be there for you and turn your frown into a smile. She can be mean and rude at most times, but nice and sweet the rest of the times.  Isabella is truly beautiful inside and out.

Sexy, not erotic.——LIERADORE鼓励女性变得性感。




Lier Adore来自英国,她有着英伦文化的开放与包容,设计风格上也有着英国传统的奢华与质感,它提醒女性,居家生活中也应追求更为高贵的穿着品质;而在产品系列上,旨在塑造与刻画女性千变万化的性格特质,就是为了告诉Lier Adore的体验者:“此刻你想成为谁?那么你就是谁。”