CalExotics《Stroke It》大屁股 7斤真实肉感

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Stroke It系列为您带来BBL Booty,旨在为您带来真实的抚摸体验。拥有两个逼真的愉悦室和栩栩如生的设计,可以深入到超过7.5磅的重型抚摸乐趣中。无论你选择哪一个,超紧的纹理和解剖正确的房间创造了一个快乐的仙境,任何成员愿意滑进去。丰满的抚摸者的屁股是伟大的任何人想要一点多从他们的快乐玩现实毛绒柔软的粉红色嘴唇和甜美的圆屁股设计。超过7.5磅的Pure Skin®材料为您带来真正的重型,您一直渴望的快感。Pure Skin®是一种超柔软,超弹性的材料,具有独特的,栩栩如生的感觉,在每一笔中都能提供纯粹的满足感。这种耐用的套筒易于使用,不需要特别的护理。

The Stroke It collection brings you the BBL Booty, meant to thrill with a real-feel stroking experience.  Dive deep into over 7.5 pounds of heavy-duty stroking pleasure with two realistic pleasure chambers and life-like design.  No matter which one you choose, the ultra-tight textured and anatomically correct chambers create a wonderland of pleasure for any member willing to slip inside.  The plump stroker ass is great for anyone wanting a little more from their pleasure play with realistic plush-soft pink lips and luscious round ass design.  Over 7.5 pounds of Pure Skin® material make for the truly heavy-duty, pounding pleasure you've been craving.  Pure Skin® is a super-soft, ultra stretchy material with a unique, life-like feel delivering pure satisfaction in every stroke.  This durable sleeve is easy-to-use and requires no special care.